11thunder12 was an agent from the Elite Penguin Force, well known for beating Nickel500 in his criminal activities and schemes. He is also a former warrior and active hero known as The Bolt. After Penguinp7677 betrayed nickel and attacked nickel's crew, Penguin joined thunder and penguin also joined his other friend Larry59187.

Foiling Nickel500's plots

Thunder is very good at stopping criminals which is why everyone likes him. He used to be friends with Nickel but nickel betrayed him and they broke up. Whenever Nick plans something, thunder is always planning ahead to stop nickel. Because he stopped nickel, nickel is now furious and wants him dead. When nickel discovered that Penguinp7677 was actually a spy for thunder he also wanted penguin dead but penguin is too powerful for nickel and when nickel attacked, penguin beat him up which even made him more outraged. Then nickel established a new militarised team called "The hit" to kill anyone who is plotting to kill him and made thunder a target for them, but thunder will outsmart them and come on top as he always does.

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