Do you have what it takes to join Batman903's Robbery Crew? Take the test to find out.

The test Edit

  1. Will you accomplish any task Batma903 tells you?
  2. Are you loyal to Batman903 (Always, Sometimes or Never? Comment below why)
  3. What powers do you have?
  4. Who are your enemies?
  5. If Batman903 is not online who should be able to lead while he's out (SIC, TIC or lower ranks comment below why?)
  6. If you see an ally injured should you help them up or leave them to die?
  7. If you or someone breaks the rules of this wikia who shall you contact immediately?
  8. Is Batman903's Role In being a robber Important like yours? (Comment below why)
  9. If Nickel500's tactics reliable or unreliable? (Comment below why)
  10. Are you serious? (Always, Sometimes, Never)

Each points is ten points and you have to get at least 70-100 points in order to be eligible in joining Nickel500's Crew. If you have 60-50 points you can't join Batman903's Crew unless you show him that you can be loyal to him and try to act serious as possible.

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