Batman903 how it began

  1. Inthe time of medevals a kid called bounty believed you could stay alive if you froze your self you can stay alive. His parents was slayed by a dragon, he had nobody all he had was a phew jewels and that's it. One day he decided to freeze him self and he wasent scared, so he jumped in the water then he grabbed a pearl and made water freeze. In a phew seconds he was frozen solid. Then he awoken on the year 1991 but bounty didn't know he had powers, then he found somebody called Hugh. Hugh saw that he was dressed strangely, Hugh grabbed Bounty's neck and strangelled him and threw him in a bush. The people watched helplessly no agents helped him, a robber helped him up then ran away. Bounty discovered his power bounty flew until he found a ware house, he went in and trained and trained until he learned his full powers. After 5 years of training he learned his powers, suddenly he heard a boom. Bounty ran outside as fast as he could, he saw the robber fighting Hugh.bounty ran to help the robber, bounty zapped Hugh with 5 electric bolts then charged up his fist then punched Hugh very hard. Hugh makes several clones and spinned then Hugh stopped cloning and stabbed the robber. This made bounty very mad, bounty grabbed Hugh punched him to the ground and grabbed Hugh's neck then threw him light years away from cp. Bounty swore to kill all goods and get vengeance. He was very mad 😬 then he went by the name batman903
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