Boo335 is a allie to Nickel's Robber Army and is friends with some of the agents.

History Edit

Boo335 joined CP in 2006 during the Halloween party. He didn't know a lot so he didn't play much and left. During 2009 he returned to CP playing more. He got many coins and rare stuff. In 2012 he saw a robber named Nickel500. Back then Boo335 was a EPF agent. In 2014 he left the EPF cause it wasn't so secrective . Boo3335 was in the PHD which Nickel was in. Boo didn't know Nickel so much and wasn't really his friend.

Brady the Brat Edit

During May 2015 he met the Wikia user Brady5. Brady5 was being mean to Boo's friends on the Super Hero Agency Wiki. He blocked Brady making Brady mad at the SHA. Brady was also got depressed and stressed out due to a war with Nickel and the SHA, but luckily ended. He diecided to meet up with Nickel and talked about Brady. Boo335 diecided to be more of Nickel's allie.

Trivia Edit

. He is in the Pookie Hater Defense, Super Hero Agency.

. He is one of Brady's enemies.

. On CP penguins call him Boo for short.

. He has a lot of coins.

. He has rare items.

He met Bradyd5 as a secret undercover worker but was to revealed as a bad guy in the boiler room and got arrested then but broke out 2 days later then.

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