Charltonroks, also known as Char, is a Sergeant Major in the Subpar Vagrant Mime Fandom (SVMF), which was Nickel500's former robbery crew. Char is an extremely skilled robber and is very loyal to Nickel500. He is good at drawing pictures. He has another account called Drekinn.

Allies Edit

Char has many allies. His allies include Nickel500, Flunce1, Smpcp9876, Club45672 and anyone else in the SVMF.

Trivia Edit

Charltonroks has a YouTube account. Nobody cares about it!

He had lots of rare items before he was robbed by AdolfCena.

He was a member on Club Penguin before it shut down.

Teeth Edit

The number of teeth in Char's mouth varies over time, following a predictable mathematical formula:

$ n=(M + 1)\left \lfloor \frac{(k - m)^2}{d} \sin^2(\sqrt{P}t) \right \rfloor \max(1, E-p)! $ where

$ M $ is the number of mimes within a 48 km radius of Char's mouth,

$ k $ is the number of people currently in Tokyo Disneyland,

$ m $ is the current number of missing people over the age of 64 in Jamaica,

$ d $ is the distance between Char's mouth and the closest grease fire in meters,

$ P $ is the absolute pressure in Char's mouth measured in pascals,

$ t $ is the number of seconds elapsed since 00:00:00 UTC on 1 January 1970,

$ E $ is the number of video games featuring E.T. that have been released within the last 25 years, and

$ p $ is the number of planets in the solar system.

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