Club Penguin Robber Wiki


Darkragent02/Extreme expert is a sargent of the PHD (pookie hater defence). He is known as agent extreme in the PHD. He is also in the SHA(super hero agency).He is known as Darkwave in the SHA. He was the leader of the robber nation. The robber nation cosists of two server, snowfall and snow cap. EPF agents were not allowed in the robber nation. Darkragent02 then retired from being a robber. Darkragent02 is a pookie hater and a pookie killer.

Why he hates pookies

Once during a massive protest Darkragent02 saw some pookies about to get killed, seeing this he destroyed the hater drone and saved their lives, instead of a mere thanks, the pookies stuck their toungues at him and were mean to him. Then he said "I saved your lives" they replied "we don't care!". On hearing this he was furious and struck them with a huge slash of his shining thunder blade, they said "we're sorry!" but the brave hater didn't care, since then, he vowed to hate pookies and thus joined the powerful agency pookie hater defence. And he has killed over 30 fam fams and 100 pookies, he has filled many tanks of pookie and Uppie blood.


Darkragent02 WAS partstripes's best friend. Partstripes did not know that dark was a pookie hater. When Partstripes found out, he betrayed dark and stopped being his friend and wanted revenge. However, dark was too powerful for partstripes and partstripes fears him to death, as well as Smpcp9876.

Allies and enemies

Darkragent02's allies are: Nickel500, Smpcp9876, Flunce1, Club697(SIC of the PHD) and Stevenlego03(agent vortex of the PHD). His enemies are: Penguinp7677, Partstripes, Bradyd5, Bradyd5's crew and all pookies.


Darkragent02 was a pookie protector

Darkragent02 invented the elmo killer smoothie and the extremebot.

He is stronger than hulk.