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The agency's official logo.

The Elite Penguin Force (also known as Elite Penguin Federation or its nickname EPF) is the superior agency that keeps Club Penguin safe. It is an intelligence agency, which means that it's against robbers, but not all like Nickel500 or his crew. Nickel is half-good and half-bad like some of the best robbers in his Crew.


The EPF command room, for meetings and other uses.

The Elite Penguin Force was established and supposed to be a better agency than it's predecessor, the Penguin Secret Agency and quietly do missions. It used to only be available to people with the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS game. When the Penguin Secret Agency was destroyed in the Popcorn Explosion by Herbert P. Bear, it was made the only agency by the Director (Aunt Arctic), and now it has been refurbished, updated and upgraded, with a new Command Room, and better facilities although some very trained robbers can still break in.

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