Flunce1 (Sith)
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Flunce1, is a S.H.I.E.L.D commander.


Flunce1 is in Nickel500's faithful crew and in Batman903's robbery crew. Smpcp9876 and Flunce1 always attack partstripes and bradyd5 whenever they see them. Flunce1 is called doc by smpcp because he is a scientist and doctor. He is one of the most powerful robbers in club penguin. He is one of the most wanted robbers in cp. He is a pookie hater and a pookie killer and he is a PHD agent. In the PHD he is known as agent nightmare

Allies and enemies

Flunce1's allies are Nickel500, Batman903, Smpcp9876, Penguinp7677 and luigi115 (smp's bro who looks like him). His enemies are Partstripes, Bradyd5, Larry59817, gold spotter, pookies, preps. Flunce1 proved best on Nickel's crew, so Nickel made Flunce the SIC (Second In Command).

History of pookies Edit

on a peaceful day on abominable, smpcp9876 and flunce1 were fixing their invention on the light house beacon and they were invaded by pookies. The pookies started to laugh and hurt smpcp9876's puffle which made smpcp9876 furious and then Flunce1 threw them off the edge of the light house and the pookies drowned. Then their mumu came in and was about to call the EPF but flunce1 zapped her with his laser. Wanting to banish the pookies from cp smp and flunce1 attacked the pookies and threw the pookies and mumus out of the petshop.

Trivia Edit

  • Flunce1 usually goes on abominable to meet up with his friends or track down brady or partstripes
  • Flunce1 has no weaknesses
  • Flunce1 and partstripes were friends until partstripes betrayed smpcp9876 and joined brady
    • Flunce1 is the SIC of nickel500 and the TIC of the TRA/RPF
    • Flunce1 is a snow ninja
    • Flunce1 is SIC Of The Robber Intelligency.
    • He is a sith
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