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Flunce1 Industries
The logo of Flunce1 Industries




Flunce1, Robert Beakson (Flunce1's assisstant), Fluffpuff402 (Flunce1's little brother.




CP Government, SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Logistics Division), PHD (Pookie Hater Defense), SHA (Super Hero Agency).

Headquaters (s)

The Flunce1 Tower and Flunce1's igloo.

Flunce1 Industries is a top-secret, weapons, future equipment, advanced combat vehicles, and advanced machinery and robotics production company. It's founder is Flunce1, this company has been top secret the last decades, only known to S.H.I.E.L.D., and the government, for weapons supplication for military and SHIELD tech purposes. Due to it formerly being top secret, it was founded on an unknown date. Flunce1 has kept is secret in order to prevent his enemies from discovering it and possibly stealing some of it's technology, one of the main reasons were, lots of it's inventions are weapons of mass destruction.
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