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Grayson20 (formerly known as Bennydisney on his old account) is a skilled fighter and an ally of Flunce1 and Batman903. He is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, taking on very advanced-in-combat street level villains in the past indicates that he is on a peak-human level on the same level as someone like Captain America or Batman when not in use of powers.

Time as Robin

Grayson20 was Robin for a time, fighting crime and aiding the Elite Penguin Force in various missions, before going solo along with his team. He was on a team of superheroes along with members such as Flunce1 for some time, he took down many villains and proved more than just an average warrior, he is on a level that not many people are on and can certainly take on a lot of different types of villains.

Present day

Grayson20 is reported to have been seen as a forest person, implying that he has also gained more powers due to his time in the forest and has learned a handful of different types of skills and powers there.

Powers and abilities


  • Forest sorcery: Grayson20 has joined the civilisation of the forest people, meaning that he has also unlocked different unsaid abilities from the forest with sorcery being one of them, another possible one is multidimensional travel.
  • Peak conditioning: Grayson20 has survived situations that could possibly kill an average person and has displayed ability, durability and reflexes as demonstrated when he was fighting Loki, he was also shot a few times as Robin and still managed to survive, indicating that he is on the same physical and bodily level as Captain America or Batman when powerless.


  • Master tactician: Grayson20 is very skilled at organizing tactical assaults, as proven when he defeated villains such as Loki and much more.
  • Expert fighter: Grayson20 has proven to be at a level much higher than any average human, even when powerless, which applies for durability, reflexes, agility and more. He has also defeated many villains such as Joker very easily putting him on the same level as Captain or Batman when powerless it is estimated.