Larry59187 (aka Larry) is a dangerous person and hypebeast on Club Penguin. He likes to cheat in fighting and get a lot of blood out of his opponent because he does have very much blood himself. This is why he is so violent. He is the TIC (Third in Command) of Bradyd5's robbery army under the SIC Partstripes. He is an ally of 11thunder12 and an enemy of Flunce1 and Nickel500. His closest ally is the dangerous Penguinp7677. Larry is powerful and loves to fight. He wants to kill Nickel500 and everyone in Nickel500's crew. He also really likes Supreme merchandise and will always be seen carrying his Supreme lunchbox to school.

Luckily, he hasn't found this wiki yet, which makes it easier not to worry that much about him and easier to make fun of his respiratory issues.

Respiratory issues Edit

Larry has lung problems and thus needs to carry an oxygen tank at all times. Otherwise, he will faint and the paramedics will need to be called.


  • He's friends with 11thunder12 and Penguinp7677.
  • He once tried to kill Flunce1, but failed.
  • He is a friend of Bradyd5 and Brady's TIC.
  • His threat is lower than someone like Penguinp7677, Bradyd5, or 11thunder12.

AdolfCena takes over the page now Edit


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