Larry59187, also known as Larry, is a violent penguin on Club Penguin. He likes to cheat in fighting and get a lot of blood out of his opponents. He is the Third in Command of Bradyd5's robbery army under the Second in Command Partstripes. He is an ally of 11thunder12 and Penguinp767, and an enemy of Flunce1 and Nickel500. Larry is powerful and loves to fight. He wants to kill Nickel500 and everyone in Nickel500's crew.

Luckily, he hasn't found this wiki yet, which makes it easier to not worry that much about him.

Trivia Edit

  • He's friends with 11thunder12, Penguinp7677, and Bradyd5.
  • He once tried to kill Flunce1, but failed.
  • His threat is lower than Penguinp7677, Bradyd5, and 11thunder12.

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