Club Penguin Robber Wiki

Luigi115 is Smpcp9876's younger brother. He is a robber of two robbery crews. He is the lieutenant of TRA/RPF and a private of Nickel500's robbery crew. He is a pookie hater and a pookie killer. He is also a member of the PHD (the pookie hater defence)

Why he hates pookies

Luigi hates pookies for these reasons. They bullied smp's puffle, they discriminated luigi when he was a kid and they rejected him.

Allies and enemies


Luigi's allies are: Smpcp9876, Flunce1, Nickel500 and Batman903. His enemies are: Bradyd5, Partstripes, pookies and preps and yodamaster1n.


He has the same powers as Smp

He has over 250 friends

He has the snow bot on his friends list.

He has 12 puffles

He is a ninja, a fire ninja, a snow ninja and 3//4 of the way to becoming a water ninja

Smp and luigi look exactly the same