Club Penguin Robber Wiki

Most Wanted List

1.Nickel500 (Treating his friends like they are slaves.)*Most Wanted*


2) Gold spotter (associated with Bradyd5)

Gold spotter.PNG

3) Hailey Ana

4) Larry59187 (NOT DANGEROUS) (**VERY WEAK**)

5) Musicgirl573 (betrayed nickel)

6) Azure91707

7) Frosty41702

8) Sushicat101

9) Jonny017 (enemy to darkragent02, batman903 and smpcp9876) *DANGEROUS*

10) Katie1904

12) Omar76188

13) Yodamaster1n (trying to arrest Flunce1, using the force to knock out robbers) *MOST DANGEROUS*

14) Batman 40

15) Vucko10 (He is a Jedi and attacked smpcp9876)

16) Tabby (unknown numbers) (one of Flunce1's enemies).

17) Bennydisney

18) Cuite Pretty (attacking Flunce1)

19) Agent Orange epf *NOT DANGEROUS*

20) Agent Redepf *NOT DANGEROUS*

21) Agent Blue epf *NOT DANGEROUS*

22) Coolguy2226 (Trying to arrest Batman903)

If you find any of these people up here please attack them or kill them if you can. If you can, find some pictures of the people up here so we know what they look like

Benny disney.PNG