Club Penguin Robber Wiki

Hello we need more recruits for the TRA/RPF. we must start recruiting over penguins. Our recruit server will be blizzard.. I've seen lots of powerful robbers and a power penguin called Darky 1243 his powers are:erasing memories, super speed, X ray vision, healing factor, going to the underworld and he can see invisible people. If you see darky 1243 recruit him straight away no matter what. The thing is about Darky 1243 he will attack anybody who talks to him. Only if you beat him he will join you. He will be hero or villain. Find him quickly before the over wiki finds them and they will be unstoppable. There's also another great evil robber called isrocker999. The same with Rocker if you beat him he joins you. His powers are Teleportation, mind control, laser vison, ice breath and much more.. His only ally is Darky 1243. They are brothers. If you find them report them on this page and recruit them. Get as most backup as you can you will need lots of grenades and rocket launchers including swords and alien cannons and plasma rays. you need to hit them 90 times with each wepons. And now here the EPF comes I must go. im only allowed on it for Half an hour on this computer now I got to go to service to work. there treating me like a slave. Goodbye Hit RPF/TRA Your Sincerely Batman903