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This is Nickel500, the annoying stupid shithead.

Allies that are now enemies:

Flunce1, Smpcp9876, Batman903, Darkragent02, Penguinp7677, Daboss9001, Charltonroks, Niedosik, Badger4857 (possibly), 11thunder12 (possibly). Everyone on Earth.

Enemies (from before and always)-

Bradyd5 ,Yodamaster1n, Larry59187,Director Nick Fury,Hailey Ana,Katie1904,Azure91707


Easy to being killed, easy to get spotted, deceiving himself, sucks at life, is a bad liar.


Plastic Lightsabers, Plastic Swords ,Water Guns, Smelly Bombs, his curry made of sperm.

"Some people these days when will they learn?" -Nickel500's quote

Nickel500 aka saggy buttman is a sad asshole who wants to be famous. He feels sorry for himself and wants others to as well, little do the people know that they are being decieved. Nickel was a decent friend of most around here, until he betrayed EVERYONE, attacked the Super Hero Agency when no one was active. He vandalised the pages and put a photocopy print of his butt on each page he got to. When the heroes got back, they saw what he did, patched the vandalisms and put everything to normal, then went banging on Nickel's door and beat him up. Nickel500 got his fat ass kicked by superheroes like Fire Flame and Batpeng, aka Smpcp9876 and Partstripes. He loves to be racist and call everyone a Pakistan for no apparent reasons.

He has a youtube channel called "Nickel500", no one on youtube knows Nickel's true side, so we need to let everyone know. NICKEL IS A LIAR, HE IS NOT BULLIED, HE JUST WANTS ATTENTION and fame. He's had his ass handed to him everytime he tried to gain the upperhand to be evil on wikia, got his butt handed to him too many more times which caused him to sulk like a baby and run off to YouTube because he said "I just wanna have a good time and popularity". And because of his own stupidity, he now gets bullied on YouTube as well. Because he's such a shitbag. He has no friends anymore, all his real friends left him because they wouldn't be able to cope with his drama anymore. His real wikia friends even left him, which is more evidence that he's such a wasteman. 

Pictures of Nickel500

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