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Nickel500 had a brother on Club Penguin and his name was unknown. He and Nickel500 survived the attack that Bradyd5 did in the past. Nickel500 and his brother had great times together and had a brother to brother bonding experience

About Nickel's Brother

Nickel500 and his brother were in the army with his dad until an bloody attack emerged by Bradyd5 and his crew came it revealed that Bradyd5 betrayed Nickel and also he killed Nickel500's parents.Nickel and his brother took a last look on his parents and left the war.Many years later they were poor and homeless and his brother taught Nickel how to rob people and he was good at it so they were rich and finally got a house to stay.In 2014 on Nickel's Brother's Birthday Nickel's gift to him was spending the time with him on Club Penguin and taking pictures.Nickel's brother died at the lighthouse which Bradyd5 shot him as Nickel tried to save him but it was too late.Nickel500 was enraged by this and took off his mask and left in tears.In the boiler room he punched the wall and got mad at Bradyd5.Nickel500's promise was to find Bradyd5 and end him forever which Nickel accepts the mission on finding his main enemy Bradyd5


  • It revealed that Nickel's brother was young by the quote that Nickel said "I'm sorry Baby Brother"
  • Nickel500 and his brother had a great bonding experience and always kept their memories in their album which Nickel500's always has incase he gets upset
  • If Nickel500's brother was alive on 2014 he would've became SIC of his crew.
  • Nickel500's Brother was a Sergeant Major during the war