Nickel500's enemies

Strength and threat levels

The strength and threat levels show how dangerous one of Nickel500's enemies are

Threat level: 0= Extremely weak, not dangerous at all

Threat level: 1-3= Weak, not dangerous

Threat level: 4-6= Medium, a little dangerous

Threat level: 7-10= Strong, very dangerous

Nickel500's enemies

1)Yodamaster1n - Threat level: 10/10 Strength: Strong, MOST DANGEROUS

2)Larry59187 - Threat level: 1/10 Strength: Weak, not dangerous

3)Jonny017 - Threat level: 9/10 Strength: Strong, very dangerous

4)Sushicat101 - Threat level: 2/10 Strength: Weak, not dangerous

5)Frosty41702 - Threat level: 5/10: Strength: Medium, a little dangerous

6)Bradyd5 - Threat level: 3/10 Strength: Weak, not dangerous

8)Musicgirl573 Threat level: 4/10 Strength: Medium, a little dangerous

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