Club Penguin Robber Wiki

Nickel500's Robber Army was formerly his crew that evolved into an army (actually it was more of a gang rather than an actual army). His crew always has his back, most of the robbers are very skilled and trained in fighting. Nickel500's army often has wars with Bradyd5's gang that was also a crew at one point.

Nickel's Robbers

Ranked members


Smpcp9876-Second in Command (SIC)

Flunce1-Third in Command (TIC)

Luigi115 - Sergeant major

Alan1220 - First sergeant

Osbert4749 - Staff sergeant

Tom Tom5150 (The Jonie) - Private

Charltonroks - Private

Close allies

  • Niedosik (Former president of CP)
  • 11thunder12 (Former leader of EPF abominable, quit EPF). (Close ally of Nickel500).
  • Darkragent02/Extreme Expert. (Close ally of Nickel500 from SHA and PHD).
  • Penguinp7677/PengOf76-(Close ally of Nickel500/friend/enemy, varies).
  • Stevenlego/Stevenlego03 (Close ally of Nickel500).
  • Boo335 (Close ally of Nickel500)
  • Bigstar45 (Close ally of Nickel500).