Club Penguin Robber Wiki

Nickel600 is a backup account for Nickel500 in case he gets banned on Club Penguin.

Nickel500 suggested to make a backup account so if he gets banned on Club Penguin he'll use another account but without a membership. Nickel500 names his account "Nickel600" for no reason but he likes the name and so does his crew members. Nickel600 acts the same way as Nickel500 but the only difference is membership while his other account Nickel500 has a 3 month membership which might end this month or in March 2015 and Nickel600 is a non member which makes Nickel500 upset because he misses his other account.


  • Nickel600 will add his crew members only and not his other friends he associates with
  • He is still serious around Club Penguin but others make jokes around him
  • Nickel600 is best friends with AdolfCena, while Nickel500 is not.