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This is about the origins of Nightmare, aka Flunce1. Nightmare is his robber allias like Devil is Nickel's allias. Nightmare was a force sensitive child born in a town in Club Penguin just off the mountain side. His parents were in the club penguin army and he was being trained since a young age on combat/fighting. One day, a mysterious person ringed his parents and asked for money (as his parents were billionares). His dad immediately refused and caused an argument on the phone. The mysterious person swore revenge on him.

The next week, his parents were informed about a battle that would occur on that week's Thursday. Nightmare was really looking forward to this battle because he was informed by his parents that he would also be coming to the battle as it would be a great experience for him. The battle was the penguin army VS the seal army. The seals had claimed CP as their's and decided to invade CP which started the war. That Thursday Nightmare and his family went to the battle, not knowing that they were being followed by a mysterious person in a cloak.

The battle was occuring. So far, the Penguins were winning, Nightmare and his parents had shot down MANY seals and there was alot of happiness, too. With little knowledge, that the guy in the cloak was watching them and he then suddenly pulled out his Machine-gun. Nightmare had immediately seen this and shouted to his parents but it was too late.....'BANG!', Nightmare's parents fell dead in front of his face. Blood was everywhere. The guy in the cloak smirked and took off. Nightmare took the note and it said that this man in the cloak was working for a guy called Bradyd5. Nightmare had sworn veangance on this guy in the cloak. He was also curious about Bradyd5. That night, Nightmare and his two brothers went to live with their uncle. In another battle, Nightmare's older brother had been killed in a bomb attack from the seals leaving Nightmare, and his other younger brother along with their uncle.

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