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Part the Third Batman.jpg


Partstripes is second in command for Bradyd5's crew. He used to be in Batman903's robbery crew but then betrayed them and joined Brady. He WAS the lieutenant for batman903's robbery crew but then betrayed them and started to work for brady

Part the Third Batman.jpg

the third Batman

'Part is the third Batman chosen by Dick and Bruce which is another reason to kill him' says Flunce1.

The third Batman


Partstripes sworn enemy is Smpcp9876, the deputy of batman903's robbery crew. Partstripes's only weakness is Smpcp9876. other enemies: Flunce1 Batman903, Nickel500, penguinp7677, nickels faithful crew and batman903's robbery crew


Partstipes was a robber in Batman903's robbery crew. When batman903's crew were fixing their invention on the lighthouse beacon, some pookies came and smpcp9876 told them to go away. partstripes told smpcp that they were just playing but smpcp said they were interfering with their invention. partstripes protected the pookies when smpcp was about to throw them off the light house. partstripes attacked smpcp but smpcp dodged him. Then smpcp grabbed the pookies and threw them off. The whole of batman903's army were cheering but partstripes was not. Partstripes betrayed batman903 and joined the EVIL bradyd5! When Smpcp9876 heard partstripes was working for brady he seeked revenge. Smpcp9876 was too smart for partstripes and smpcp killed partstripes many times.


  • Partstripes is able to turn into a dragon by drinking a potion
  • Smpcp9876 stole his ingredients and dragon potions so partstripes is unable to turn into a dragon
  • Smpcp9876 made lots of nicknames for partstripes such as stripey, partspots, and part
  • Parstripes has never yet beaten smpcp9876 in a fight since smp is too powerful and fast.
  • He is a begginner in SHA