Robber Penguin Agency

The Robber Penguin Agency (RPA) is an agency of robbers founded on May 2, 2014 by Agent Unknown. It was responsible for robbing various locations on Club Penguin. Since the death of Unknown in March 2017, it has been inactive and remains without leadership.


The agency was initially directed by Unknown, and was closed on March 29, 2015. It was reopened on June 6, 2015 under the directorship of Agent Titanium. After Titanium's death and reincarnation as Electric Man X, he got bored and left, leaving Unknown as the director until its closure on May 2, 2016. It was reopened once again by Unknown on January 22, 2017, remaining under his directorship until his death at the end of the RPA mission Operation: Waddle On. Left without a director, it was never formally closed. Future attempts by Agent Thanos to revive the agency and install himself as director were perceived by its members to be fraudulent.

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