Club Penguin Robber Wiki


The Hit is a new team which Nickel500 created. The Hit means that if someone betrays Nickel500, has a devious plan to destroy him, etc. he will send The Hit after you and they will attack you.The Hit will be powerful enough to stop some robbers or Elite Penguin Force Agents. Nickel500 uses the term "The Hit" as a military team.

There are different types of Hits that Nickel500 will send


-Weak penguins who are slow but sometimes deadly,If you are a recruit you are in this spot but if you've proven loyal to Nickel500 and shown him how serious and deadly you are you'll move up.

Machine Gunners(Medium)

-Deadly-Armed with machine guns recklessly,They are medium often flanking after you so better watch out.

Assault Gunners(Hard)

-Deadly and armed,Hard to defeat right kinda like the SWAT team you see in the real world.If you try and escape it's gonna be difficult.


-Armed with a sniper and a scope,dangerous after you like fire or storm it keep raging on until it's gone


-(Impossible)-Like ninjas dress like one if you are an assassin wear a hood and get a sword and you'll be the best,Flank and strategize your path to success,uses silent takedowns,subdue enemies to get your objective.

Heavy(Impossible)-In Nickel500's case armed with rocket launchers & light machine guns,impossible to defeat because of their best explosion that will leave you devastated making you humiliated in front of everyone.You'll be ashamed on how weak you are.