The robber nation was Dangerous robber leader Darkragent02's land. It consists of two main servers:Snowfall and Snowcap, with Snowfall as the capital. All Forms Of EPF agents are banned from the robber nation because Darkragent02 agreed to the director and any EPF agents found in these servers Dark has the authority to attack and imrpison them for trespassing. All robbers are welcomed freely to the robber nation because Dark says this is a place where robbers will not be tortured and arrested and any robber can stay for refuge or hide from EPF in these servers with freedom. It is over, now Darkragent02 is a member of Shadow Guy (Bongi6's) Super Hero Agency. Look at for more info.


  • Dark's highest ambition is to save the server abominable which is currently being ruled by his new rival Nickel500.
  • Dark is extremely powerful so powerful in fact that every person he fights is usually humiliated,defeated, or killed. His methods are extreme.
  • Dark often attacks the EPF HQ of Abominable in evil mode
  • Dark is also an EPF commander super hero and is trying to arrest his rivals like Nickel so he can get out of the way and nickel stands in Dark's way from conquering Abominable.
  • Bradyd5's second in command Partstripes has been in the Robber Nation with Dark and they are planning to take over abominable. Dark doesn't want nickel dead, but Part is planning to kill nickel500 in memory of Brady and help Dark with Dark fulfil his ambition. In fact, Part's plan is so advanced this time that if Part succeeds in this master plot Bradyd5 will come back into power and Nickel will be dead too.
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