The Robber Phone is a device allegedly created by Batman. It is a "B. Toys by Battat B. Toys Hellophone Toy Cell Phone Kids Play Phone with Light Sounds and Songs Toddler Toy Phone with Message Recorder 100% Non-Toxic and BPA-Free". Despite its name, it is unable to commit theft and cannot make or receive phone calls.

Lore Edit

The robber phone was made by batman it has mmany [sic] uses like

Turning into a lazer [sic] gun

Turning into a robot

Self destruct mode
And much more. Only batman903's freinds allies and his friends can have it. It can be found at his secret space dome
It can also turn into its robot form
Batman the red tornado, 2015


The Robber Phone is available for purchase for the general public on Amazon.

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