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The Robber Phone is a device allegedly created by Batman903. Despite its name, it is incapable of committing theft and making or receiving phone calls.

Weaponry Arsenal

The Robber Phone has many uses:

  • Blaster: By pressing a special button, the Robber Phone turns into a lazer gun.
  • Mecha-Droid: By pressing a secret combination of buttons, the phone itself will turn into a battle robot.
  • Siri
  • Self-Destruction Mode: A defensive procedure. In case the phone falls in bad hands, it will detonate in 10 seconds, blowing up a large part of the area (30-40 meter radius).


  • Only Batman903's allies and his friends can have it. It can be found at his secret space dome.
  • It is a B. Toys by Battat B. Toys Hellophone Toy Cell Phone Kids Play Phone with Light Sounds and Songs Toddler Toy Phone with Message Recorder 100% Non-Toxic and BPA-Free.

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